Pixel-artist & Game Developer

My games and other projects

Hallow Crawler

An action-packed puzzle-platformer where you assume the role of a scary headcrab infiltrating a moon base amidst the Halloween. I tried to make the gameplay speedy and engaging without making it too difficult.

Game was made for the INDIECON: Halloween DLC festival!

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Squid Belt

You play as a daring cargo pilot tasked with delivering vital supplies and equipment between space stations and client rockets. But watch out – the galaxy is filled with dangerous space squids that will stop at nothing to attack your ship and steal your precious cargo! Game was made for Ludum Dare 53!

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Frog in the Lab Coat

A demo version of a puzzle platformer made in seven days as part of Metroidvania Month 18. There are interesting gameplay solutions and features

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Side Catcher

In this game you have to control a square with four sides of different colors. Use these sides to catch projectiles flying at you!

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Asstro Pain

There are a lot of asteroids around you and all you have is a weak laser gun that can barely penetrate small space debris. You have big problems with movement, because your suit lacks even the simplest maneuvering module and the only way to dodge danger is the same laser gun!

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